What Is This Metaverse Everyone Can't Stop Talking About

metaverse Feb 3, 2022

The metaverse is a concept that people have been raving about on the internet for a while now, especially the tech community. Even though there is no universally accepted definition of a real metaverse, except that it's a fancier version of the Internet, we have a good idea of what we should expect from the metaverse based on a 2018 movie called Ready Player One.

At Obiex, we are determined to follow the evolution of the metaverse, paying particular attention to what it means for the crypto community.

Here are some of the things we know so far;

Relationship between Crypto and the Metaverse

Presently, most of the metaverse projects are games that offer the 3D aspect of the metaverse. However, for building the metaverse, there are many other factors to consider. Blockchain or crypto would fill the metaverse's missing piece by offering a number of key features like Proof of Ownership, transferring value and Interoperability. Growing additions to a metaverse crypto project list are a direct reflection of blockchain and crypto's productivity.

Top Metaverse Blockchain and Crypto Projects

One of the earliest pioneers in the metaverse, Decentraland, is practically a 3D universe. The 3D universe allows players to create plots of virtual real estate and participate in many other activities. On Decentraland, players can also host events, participate in social activities, and create content.

Decentraland is a renowned project in the metaverse even before the buzz began building around it. Developed in 2016, the simple 2D game has grown into one of the most successful crypto projects especially with NFTs valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Decentraland also offers a native utility token, known as MANA, based on the ERC-20 standard.

Other blockchain projects include Blocktopia, Sandbox and Enjin, the blockchain platform that helps users in creating NFTs that they could use as in-game items.

When asked about the metaverse and when he thinks it will really come alive, beyond just a concept that is, the current Head of Marketing at Obiex Finance, Paolo Abamwa had this to say;

“I think at the moment, it’s still not clear for most people, even people who are interested in it speculate the concept for the most part. The world will eventually move to that point where people would enjoy doing most things on the metaverse but we aren’t quite there yet. Now’s a time for people to lay foundations and make investments in promising metaverse related projects so as not to be left behind.”


Although many experts think the Metaverse is still a few years away, it has left many in the crypto industry excited. There will undoubtedly be more Metaverse projects in the future. One thing is certain though, positioning yourself for the future is definitely in your best interest if you are in the tech industry.


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