Win 1 Million Naira every month for trading on Obiex

Jan 14, 2022
Win 1 million Naira by trading on Obiex.
Win 1 million Naira monthly by trading on Obiex

Obiex is rewarding its top NGNX traders with One Million Naira every month. The customer with the highest volume of NGNX trades will receive 1 million NGNX monthly while the offer lasts.

How to trade NGNX on Obiex

To increase your chances of winning, all you need to do is trade NGNX pairs on Obiex.

You can trade NGNX for BTC, SHIB, WKD, USDT, USDC, and BUSD.

Enjoy the best rates and a seamless P2P service using NGNX on Obiex.

Trade now.

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