What I Love About Obiex; One Year Anniversary Edition

Obiex Finance Jun 10, 2022


5 stars everytime

365 days make up a year, but it means more than just a year around the sun for Obiex. Every single day has brought its unique challenges, opportunities and wins.

More importantly, it has allowed us to expand our customer base and strengthen our brand-user bond.‌‌ To that end, we asked our Obiexers to share what they love about using Obiex, and these were their responses😁:


I love the app interface and its simplicity. I love how the admins are very close to the users and give us the confidence that we can’t go wrong with them. I love the fun and jokes. I love the educational aspects. I love their merch, and of course, I love their giveaways too.


I love the user-friendly interface and instant coin swapping without confirmation.


Good customer care service, top-notch.


I love the swift response and the fast coin swapping.


I love how easy Obiex is to use.


Obiex is fast with an easy user interface. It's reliable, safe and trusted. I can rest knowing my funds are safe.

Edge Media

What I love about Obiex is the fact that I can save my USDT and convert to Naira anytime without losing its value.


Obiex is the best crypto plug with amazing swap deals.


I love the nice interface, fast deposits and withdrawals.


What I love about Obiex is that it enables one to swap directly from usdt to naira without stress. I love the fact that one can actually use Obiex for limitless transactions. It has no boundaries.

Fresh Ma

Obiex has dope rates. I love how easy it is to swap coins and get fast payment.

Ogunjimi Ayodeji

Obiex is simply digital asset trading made more accessible.

Ayanda Oluwaseun

Obiex is very easy to use, whether coin swap or Virtual Card.  Obiex gives the best in all . I want everyone to enjoy what I'm also enjoying; trade with Obiex, and you won't regret it.


Omo, it's the swap without confirmation for me.‌‌Secondly, I love the use of a username in place of a wallet address.‌‌Thirdly, shout-outs to Obiex Lynda. She deserves some accolades.‌‌Fourthly, I appreciate the hourly coin market cap.


I love the trading rates and the customer service team's quick response.


Our Obiex customers are why we exist, and we cannot thank them enough. We will continue to put them first and offer the excellent service we're known for.

Want to get onboard the Obiex train? Join us by signing up here.


Josephine Inika

Writer. Content Curator.

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