10 Types of Crypto Traders

If you belong to any crypto community on telegram, discord, WhatsApp, Reddit or Twitter, the chances are high that you have met at least 5 of the crypto trader types on this list.

10 Types of Crypto Traders

The Crypto market is full of different types of people, mainly because of how easy it is to start trading. All you need is a crypto wallet, a basic idea of how crypto works, and a lot of audacity.

If you belong to any crypto community on telegram, discord, WhatsApp, Reddit or Twitter, the chances are high that you have met at least 5 of the crypto trader types on this list.

From the trader that only buys the dip to the trader that only believes in bitcoin supremacy, here are the ten types of crypto traders you’re likely to meet.

  1. The Maximalists

Maximalist crypto-traders believe in bitcoin above other cryptocurrencies. Regardless of how far BTC falls, they will never sell. They’re in crypto for the long-term, and their portfolio is mainly made up of bitcoin and possibly coins like ETH and USDT. To these traders, bitcoin is the answer to everything.

2. The Speculators

This type of trader always has an eye on the charts, watching to see if the coin they placed a bet on going up or down is doing what they want. These traders are (allegedly😏) as volatile as the coins they trade and are typically into leveraged token trading. They’re willing to bet everything on the chance they might reap double rewards.

3. The FUD Traders

These Traders only share bad news about crypto. When a market crash happens, they become active in the online communities spreading FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt) and making negative posts about the cryptocurrency market. Most community members tend to avoid them because they’re “bad vibes”.

4. The Investors

The crypto investors focus more on Defi, NFT, DAO and  Metaverse projects. They are founders, venture capitalists, and angel investors. They have a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies and a lot of knowledge about how the blockchain works/what it can be used to achieve. The most accessible place to find them is on Twitter Spaces as listeners or hosts.

5. The Holders

Holders are cool, calm and hold on tight to their coins. They collect their coins and wait patiently for the right time to sell. They are known as the most unproblematic traders. They just want to buy the dip like the bear traders or invest in new coins with potential. The Holders mind their business and help keep the market stable when Whales are rocking the market🙂.

6. The Bears

The bear traders enter the market when the charts are red, and coins are crashing. They come in ready to sweep as many coins as possible into their wallet. Buythedip is their core belief and guiding motto. They buy when low and sell when high, then disappear till the next bearish run.

7. The Bulls

The Bull traders buy coins and tokens that are increasing in price. After purchasing, they keep these coins until their value stops rising and then sell them. They own more Stablecoins in their wallet than they're willing to admit.

8. The Whales

Whales hold significant shares in crypto. They have over 1000 worth of BTC and over 500 worth of the top 3 altcoins - Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA). They’re quiet about their crypto shares but can cause ripples in the charts with just a single transaction.

9. The Newbies

The newbie crypto traders are full of life and vitality and ready to take on the crypto world. They probably bought the dip of several coins and are waiting for their “to the moon” moment to sell and make a profit. Or they bought a bunch of random coins or tokens that had been shilled to them online. They can be found online posting 🚀🚀🚀🚀 and using all the coolest crypto slangs and terminologies.

10. The OG Traders

The OG crypto traders have been around for every significant crypto happening in the past 5-10 years. They’ve witnessed the best and worst of bullish and bear runs. They’ve watched blockchain projects come and go, sh*tcoins pump and dump, and cryptocurrency go from obscure to nearly mainstream. These traders are typically unshaken by whether the chart is green or red. They know what they’re here for and want from the crypto-blockchain ecosystem.


The crypto community is full of different characters and personalities. Each type brings something special to the table.

What type of crypto trader are you? What type of crypto trader do you want to be?

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