The Obiex Block: I'm Glad I Started Out in Fintech

Chibuike Nwogbo is a digital marketer and content manager. In this episode of The Obiex Block, he speaks to us about creating content for crypto, losing a huge amount in crypto trading, and the promising future of cryptocurrency.

The Obiex Block: I'm Glad I Started Out in Fintech
The Obiex Block is a bi-monthly series where we interview people in Crypto, Blockchain, and Web 3.

Chibuike Nwogbo is a digital marketer and content manager. In this episode of The Obiex Block, he speaks to us about creating content for crypto, losing a huge amount in crypto trading, and the promising future of cryptocurrency.

Let’s begin with a soft-landing. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Chibuike Nwogbo Emmanuel, but people call me Mannie.

Because of your name, Emmanuel?

Yes! Most times, I introduce myself as Mannie. And, of course, it is easier and more unique than calling my full name. So it sticks faster.

I can relate to that. I find full names quite formal too, and prefer to go for the shorter versions. So, what do you do for a living, Mannie?

I run the powerhouse for Obiex, which easily means I fight with the development team for a living (laughs).

Whoa, you decided to choose violence from the get-go?

I like to hit the ground running.

Talking about running… Please explain, what does it mean to “run the powerhouse”?

Oh, I am Obiex’s Head of Content. I refer to my role as “running the powerhouse” because I think of the content team as the CPU of the marketing department and, in many ways, the entire company. This is because we're interconnected with everyone's work because our content plays a crucial role in various aspects of the business.


Right? So, I’m a digital marketer working as the Head of Content for Obiex.

But why digital marketing though? Was it passion, or you just wanted to secure the bag?

I'd say it's a bit of both, you know? I've got this knack for creative thinking and seeing things from unique angles, and that's why I got into digital marketing. But, let's be real, money's a big part of it too. I mean, I could use these skills elsewhere, but I'm using it to chase some dough. Still, I genuinely enjoy my work and have a passion for it.

Yeah, I get that. But you could have been a digital marketer for any company. Why did you decide to work for a crypto-affiliated company?

(Laughs in cryptocurrency)

Oh, looks like this is about to get interesting…

Well, it's quite an interesting story, actually. I didn't set out with the specific intention to work in a crypto-affiliated company, but I'm really glad I found my start in the world of Fintech. Fintech is just a fantastic platform for personal and professional growth. It really challenges you in so many ways and helps you develop not only your skills but your character too. You'll be surprised how much it can test your nerves.

And then there's crypto, which is such an exciting innovation. I'm thrilled to be part of a forward-looking venture because I firmly believe that crypto is the future. It's a space where so much is happening, and being a part of it is not just a job but a journey filled with learning and excitement.

What do you find most exciting about your job?

I make it exciting. I'm not one to just settle for a boring routine. When I see things getting a little too same-old same-old, I like to switch it up. Whether it's bringing up new ideas or whipping out something cool, I'm all about changing patterns.

That’s cool!

You know what's cooler? It's the creative freedom I get. I get to do what I love, which is creating stuff. I mean, how awesome is that?

I know, right? There’s nothing as awesome as creative freedom.

However, being an active player in a crypto company, you must have some views on cryptocurrency. Care to share?

Sure! I think crypto is still in its early stages. A lot of people know this and are still skeptical, and that’s why they are not buying into the industry yet or adopting its means of operation. The issue is that a lot of people in Africa still use traditional banks because they always like to see where they are putting their money. So, it will be a real challenge to convince these folks to join the crypto bandwagon.

But here’s the catch – those who start building their crypto foundations today are likely to enjoy substantial benefits down the road. The best of what crypto has to offer is still ahead of us, and that's pretty exciting.

I’m sure it is.

Now, let’s do a little “KYO”, aka Know Your Onions.

Tell us what you understand by the term “blockchain”.

Nobody told me this was going to be a quiz!

Not a quiz. KYO!

What is that even? (Laughs)

Anyway, blockchain is a technology that allows transactions to be recorded across different public computers. What's cool about it is that you can send money or data, whatever you want, directly to someone without any intermediaries. It's what makes cryptocurrencies work because you don't need some central system or third party to make sure your transactions go through.

Looks like you have had to explain that term to your audience time and again. What is it like to create content for crypto?

Creating content for the crypto is quite different from your typical content creation gig, and it's unique in my experience. It involves a lot of research to ensure our content not only resonates with crypto enthusiasts but also connects with those who are not actively involved in crypto. It’s a dual challenge because we also have to produce content that is ethical in the crypto industry while still relating information about our product. Our goal is to balance entertainment, education, fintech, and product promotion, and that's easier said than done. But when we strike that balance, it's magic.

Also, crypto is a relatively new innovation, so it allows content managers and content creators to play with ideas. There are no strict rules or a one-size-fits-all formula. We get to experiment with ideas and see what clicks.

Sounds fun! What are the best and worst pieces of advice you have ever received about your career?

The best advice I've ever received about my career is that job titles don't define your success; it's all about your contributions. So, the goal is to focus on making an impact rather than chasing titles. Another valuable piece of advice is to be patient and not rush through your career journey. Don't skip any important phases, as they all contribute to your growth.

Those are great pieces of advice! Does that mean you never got any bad advice?

Story! I’ve had a lot of bad advice too. One of the worst ones I've received is to stay under the radar and just do my job. I strongly disagree with that. To advance in your career, you should be visible and proactive. If I had followed that bad advice, I wouldn't be where I am today.

That’s right.

Let’s talk money! What is the biggest money move you have ever made in crypto?

The biggest money move I ever made in crypto made me lose ₦370,000.


Let's just say it wasn't my finest moment. You see, I'm a big crypto enthusiast, but I'm far from being a pro trader. I mainly use crypto to perform transactions, not necessarily to strike it rich.

Whenever I need to handle dollar transactions, whether it's paying someone or receiving payment for a job, crypto is my go-to choice. However, when it comes to actively trading or trying to turn a profit through crypto, no, thank you very much. I've learned my lesson the hard way. Last year was a humbling experience, to say the least. Please, don’t remind me.

I can imagine. Let’s get off the topic then and finalise by talking about your lifestyle as a digital marketer.

How has your present lifestyle influenced your financial habits?

I'm all about the soft life. If there's a way to get something done without going through the hassle, I'm willing to spend money on it.

Rich people vibes!

(Laughs) Is it? It's just that I hate stress.

I can relate to that one.

Right? For instance, I hate going out too often. whenever my car is at the repair shop, and I have somewhere to be, I prefer paying extra for a cab instead of jumping buses. My mom always nags me about spending too much, suggesting I should take the bus.

Moms are the finance police fashioned against us!

No kidding. But they are doing it from a place of love. They always mean well.

Do you listen to the suggestion of jumping buses to save cost then?

For where? I choose the simpler, more convenient option every time.