OBIEX REWIND 2022: How did your crypto year go?

obiex rewind Dec 30, 2022

What coins did you buy this year? What tokens did you stake? What cryptocurrency did you hodl? Which did you let go off? Were you bullish or bearish on Bitcoin or Ethereum, or Solana?

2022 in cryptocurrency featured many market-shaking events like the FTX debacle and the Ethereum Merge. It was a bearish year that kept everyone on their toes. Yet, we made it to the end, which is worth celebrating and looking back on.

At Obiex, we created Obiex Rewind for you. It is a recap of your cryptocurrency year in notable highlights. It is a way to celebrate you for rolling with the punches, taking risks, making smart moves and believing in the power of cryptocurrency.

This is the first edition of Obiex Rewind, and the team had a lot of fun making it and creating personas for our users. We love finding ways to expand the cryptocurrency world beyond regular trading. With this Rewind, we offer insight into how you pushed beyond traditional finance boundaries, cementing your position as a future thinker and shaper.

If you use an iOS device, check out your Obiex Rewind for 2022 by clicking here. Or view your Rewind on your Obiex app by updating it from the Play Store if you use an Android device.

Or see your Obiex Rewind right now here.

We also made the recap shareable so you can show off your well-deserved successes. Tag us @obiexhq on your posts on Instagram, Twitter and  Facebook. We’d love to celebrate with you.

Congratulations on making it to the end of 2022!

Thank you for your continuous support, and Thank you for choosing Obiex.

Have a great 2023!


Josephine Inika

Writer. Content Curator.

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