That's So Crypto: Crypto Kept My Japa Plans Alive

That's So Crypto: Crypto Kept My Japa Plans Alive
That's So Crypto is a series where we share stories of people's experiences with Crypto. In this episode, Adeola shares how saving in Crypto kept her immigration plans alive.


I was introduced to crypto by a friend some years ago. The first time I attempted to be a crypto trader, I bought Dogecoin, Bitcoin and the like, but it didn't work for me. In fact, it was when I bought Doge that it dumped.

It dumped to the pit of hell, so I decided to stick to just saving in crypto,

Even though I earn in naira, I convert it to USDT and save because I realised it's a better way to save my money with the way the naira is devaluing.

I’m trying to Japa, so I kept some money in the bank for proof of funds. It was just there, and after the six months had elapsed and the money was sent back to me, I was supposed to reinvest that money.

I decided to convert some of the money to USDT and keep it in my wallet. The exchange rate then was still around 1 USDT for  ₦859. I knew it was going to be better that way because I didn’t like how the naira was moving.

By the time I checked back some weeks later, the Naira was 950. Maybe I was expecting a miracle to happen to the naira, and it would have some value. It never happened.

I had to convert everything; by the time I was ready to convert, it was  ₦1,000 to 1 USDT.  I didn't have a choice but to convert; even when I was converting, Naira kept devaluing. The first half of the money I converted was  ₦1,000 per USDT, and the second half was  ₦1010 per USDT.

I can’t even imagine if I hadn’t converted the money to USDT and just left it in my bank account; I would have been in some sort of loss because the payment was in Dollars. My japa plans would have been seriously affected, but instead, I made a small profit.