Daily Withdrawal Limits by verification level

support Aug 17, 2021
Daily Withdrawal Limits by Verification level

Withdrawals on Obiex are limited to $10,000 worth daily for users who have completed only the lowest tier 1 account verification process.

This measure was taken to ensure we stick to the required regulatory compliance.

For users who want to withdraw more than $10,000 worth of crypto assets daily, complete the tier 2 KYC level and enjoy limitless withdrawals.

Applying for level 2 KYC to enjoy unlimited withdrawals

To complete the verification process for limitless withdrawals, you will need

  1. a valid country ID
  2. proof of residency (a picture of you holding the ID and a piece of paper containing the current date and the text "Obiex Finance"
  3. a recent photo of you.
Applying to enjoy limitless withdrawals


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