Play to Win - Join the Obiex FPL Competition

Play to Win - Join the Obiex FPL Competition

Obiex is launching a new Fantasy Premier League free to enter prize league  for the new season. You get to play against different teams and players to win prizes ranging up to NGN 250k!!! It’s totally free for everyone to join.

Prizes to be Won

  • Grand Prize - NGN 250,000
  • Second Place - NGN 100,000
  • Third Place - NGN 50,000
  • Cup Winner - NGN 50,000
  • Manager of the Week - NGN 20,000 monthly for 10 months (to be measured by points and tasks completed on the Discord channel).

How to Play FPL (Fantasy Premier League)

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is an online player game based on Premier League Football. Basically, you put together a virtual game team of Premier League footballers and gain points if their physical counterparts perform well. For instance, if you have Gabriel Jesus in your FPL team and he scores for Arsenal, you get points.

Like a real-world team, your FPL team has to have players in different positions. You need strikers, midfielders, defenders, goalkeepers, and a substitute for every position.

How do FPL points work?

Every FPL team position has its point system. Strikers are given 4 points for scoring, and midfielders get 3 points for setting up a goal. Defenders and goalkeepers get points for moves such as penalty saves (5 points) and keeping clean sheets (4 points).

Essentially, players are rewarded for different things according to their positions. It would be best to find out how much each game action is worth in points. Players can also lose points for negative game moves in real-life matches, such as penalty misses (-2 points). Each week, the captain of your FPL gets double points. For instance, if your captain is a striker and scores a goal, you are rewarded 8 points rather than four.

Buying and Selling Players on FPL

You are given  £100m at the beginning of the game to buy players (including substitutes). This will cover all the players you buy, so try to balance your team with cheap and expensive players. If you're unsure about what players to buy, try using the game "auto-fill" feature to get started.

You can make a transfer weekly by selling a member of your team for a new one. Transfers are typically made because of player injuries or low performance. Every player's value is based on how many points they usually score. For example, players like Mo Sallah are pricey, while a third-choice Tottenham goalkeeper would be cheaper.

Please note that you must replace a  goalkeeper with another goalkeeper, a midfielder with another midfielder, and so on. If you have some money left from a transfer transaction, it's kept in your bank balance for use when you make another player exchange. If you want to make more than one weekly transfer, it will cost you four points per exchange.

FPL Bonus Chips

At the start of the FPL, you are given four bonus chips to use through the season. These chips are:

Wildcard: This allows you permanently change your whole team without losing points. It's advisable to use this at least halfway into the football season when you have a good idea about different players' performance.

Free Hit: This is similar to the Wildcard, except the changes are only for a game week. Once the week ends, your FPL team goes back to how it was.

Triple Captain: This gives the captain of the week triple points rather than double.

Bench Boost: This makes all the players on your bench - who typically don't gain points unless a member of your starting 11 - score points for one game week

How to Join the Obiex FPL Contest

  1. Download the app and sign up on Obiex, with the promo code FPL2022. The code to join the league and a link to the Discord channel will be emailed to you.
  2. Make sure to join the discord server from the email so you do not miss notifications on giveaways, special competitions, updates, tips, and monthly rankings.
  3. Twitter spaces will be held every month with special guests and the winner of the Manager of the Month prize gets to be a speaker on the space.
  4. Get your team ready for the new season. If you join early, you have a better chance of winning since points start counting from Gameweek 1. May the best manager win.

Prepare your team for the upcoming FPL season and get into a competitive spirit. Join the Obiex FPL league and get rewarded for selecting the strongest team and the most points. Compete against other players for a chance to win big!

Get your team ready and let's go!!!  

For more information, please visit the Obiex FPL website.