Obiex Crypto Trading Contest: Winners and Leaderboard

Obiex HQ Sep 10, 2023

After four weeks of intense competition, the Obiex Crypto Trading Contest is finally over! Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to every Obiexer who participated!

In the coming days, we will announce the winners on our official Obiex social media channels.

The top traders will not only receive fantastic prizes but also the recognition they truly deserve for their exceptional performance.

To all our Obiexers who missed the contest,  there will be plenty more opportunities to win big with Obiex soon.

Check out the winners below and the top-ranking traders on the leaderboard.

Winners of The Obiex Crypto Trading Contest

Diamond League

  • Kwabyna

Bronze League

  • Kingyoungjoe

Full list of our Top-Ranking Traders

Diamond League

  1. kwabyna
  2. Oprinceotia
  3. Ubossbello
  4. neyopompe01
  5. FA03
  6. Mmarte8
  7. Ogbemikovic
  8. sammytech
  9. Montalvo
  10. Maracrypto1
  11. Fritzbitcoin
  12. Lilbrizy
  13. scottyexchange
  14. Spesh
  15. caleb007
  16. major1
  17. fuatse
  18. Bizy
  19. MoneyBagExchange
  20. DexzyBG123
  21. tinofresh14
  22. Dc4Life411
  23. Favourite122
  24. Gwantheyoungshallgrow
  25. Calyqueen
  26. Loconso

Bronze League

  1. kingyoungjoe
  2. elitejb
  3. CharlieX
  4. Somchizzy2
  6. Empire
  8. RaphaelCrypto1
  9. pandergenei
  10. BODMAS
  11. wealth12
  12. Youngin
  13. samlife
  14. prescient14
  15. franbit
  16. Nkengafac
  17. Droc
  18. nuelgrey
  19. DeeHex
  20. HMDCoin
  21. peterjero
  22. Satoshiboy
  23. celestine15
  24. frach16
  25. debola
  26. Tonysamjela

Thank you for choosing Obiex.

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Josephine Inika

Writer. Content Curator.

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