How to Calculate Profit and Loss on Crypto

How to Calculate Profit and Loss on Crypto

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  • Why You Need to Calculate Your Crypto Profit and Losses
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For most, if not all, traders, the main objective of investing in cryptocurrencies is to make a profit. While it's not always possible to profit from every trade, there are smart strategies you can employ to maximise your potential gains.

For instance, a general rule of thumb is to buy crypto when the prices are low and sell when they rise higher than your purchase price. Plus, here's a little secret: as long as you hold onto your crypto without selling, you technically don't realise any loss because crypto prices have the potential to surge at any given moment.

By applying this simple strategy, you can enhance your experience as a crypto investor. But it’s also important to understand how to calculate your profit and loss on crypto investments. This knowledge will empower you to make more informed decisions and navigate the market like a pro.

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Why You Need to Calculate Your Crypto Profit and Losses

Understanding and calculating your crypto profit and losses can be a game-changer ithe for your trading and investments.

Here are four reasons why it's so important:

1. To Become a Better Trader: The crypto market is fast-paced and competitive. To thrive and find success, you need to think quickly and make informed decisions. Calculating your gains and losses allows you to assess whether a position is likely to favour you or lead to potential losses. Armed with this knowledge, you can navigate the market with greater confidence and agility.

2. To Increase Your Potential to Profit: Knowing how to calculate your crypto profit and losses can help you maximise your potential gains. It's not uncommon for newcomers to miss out on profits simply because they didn't realise the gains they had made on their crypto investments in time to "Take Profit." By staying on top of your profits and losses, you can seize opportunities and optimise your returns.

3. Helps You Set Profit/Loss Limits: Strategy is key when investing in cryptocurrencies. Calculating your potential gains and losses empowers you to set profit targets or limits on crypto prices. This way, you can make informed decisions on when to sell, mitigating the risk of losing your capital. Having clear profit/loss boundaries in place helps you maintain discipline and protect your investment.

4. Helps You Pick the Best Coins: Crypto coins vary in price, and their potential growth and daily percentage changes can differ significantly. By knowing how to calculate your profit and losses, you can assess the expected price changes of different coins. This knowledge can help you distinguish between coins with higher volatility and those with more stable price movements. It allows you to pick the right coins based on their potential gains and manage your investment strategy accordingly.

Tokens with lower prices, such as Cardano, can experience fluctuations of 5%-20% within a single day. On the other hand, more expensive tokens like Bitcoin typically undergo more modest price changes, ranging from 1%-8% in a day under typical market conditions.

How To Calculate Your Crypto Profit and Loss

Here are two ways you can calculate your crypto profit and loss:

1. Subtract the Selling Price from the Buy Price

One of the easiest ways to know how much you've made on your crypto is to subtract the selling price from the cost or buy price.

Selling Price - Buy Price

For example, let's assume you bought Bitcoin for its trading value of $ 20,000 and sold it once its price spiked to $20,500.

To realise your profit, you must subtract the selling price from the buy price. So, that is $20,500 - $20,000 = $500. The remaining sum is your profit.

Likewise, to calculate a loss, let's assume BTC price falls and you sell at $17,000. It will be calculated as $17,000 - $20,000 = -$3000. This means you're running at a loss of $3,000.

2. Use Profit Calculators

Traders who invest in multiple cryptocurrencies often rely on crypto profit calculators to swiftly calculate their gains and losses. These calculators save time and effort by automating complex calculations within minutes.

Here are a couple of popular calculators:

1. Coinmash Calculator: This user-friendly calculator offers a simple setup that allows you to calculate your crypto profits efficiently. You enter the amount you invested, and the currency used, along with the specific token you purchased and the purchase date.

By inputting these details, the calculator swiftly provides you with key information such as the purchase price, current price, return on investment (ROI), and present worth. Handy, isn't it?

2. Easy Bitcoin Calculator: As its name suggests, this calculator specialises in calculating profits and losses specifically for Bitcoin investments. Similar to the Coinmash Calculator, you input the cost price (purchase price), selling price, and total number of Bitcoins you bought.

The unique feature here is that you can also include transaction fees incurred during the buying or selling process. Additionally, this calculator offers options to choose between long and short methods of profit calculation, catering to different trading strategies.

Final Word

Calculating your crypto profit and loss is like having a secret weapon in your investment arsenal. It's crucial for all investors and traders because it helps you manage risks and trade with total confidence.


Q: How do you calculate gains and losses on crypto?

A: To calculate gains or losses on crypto, you subtract the initial investment cost from the current value of your crypto holdings. The formula is [(Current Value - Initial Investment) / Initial Investment] * 100 to get the percentage gain or loss.

Q: What is a crypto profit calculator?

A: A crypto profit calculator is a tool that helps you determine the potential profit or loss on your cryptocurrency investments. It usually takes into account factors like initial investment, current market value, and fees to provide a calculated result.

Q: How do you take profit out of crypto?

A: To take profit from crypto, you can sell your cryptocurrency on a trading platform. You'll need to choose the amount to sell and execute the trade. Afterward, you can withdraw the proceeds to your linked bank account or use them for other investments.

Q: How can I calculate my gains or losses?

A: To calculate gains or losses, subtract the initial investment from the current value of your crypto holdings. The formula is [(Current Value - Initial Investment) / Initial Investment] * 100 to get the percentage gain or loss.

Q: How do you calculate crypto percentage?

A: To calculate the percentage change in crypto value, use the formula [(Current Value - Initial Value) / Initial Value] * 100. This provides the percentage increase or decrease in the cryptocurrency's value.

Q: Is crypto a capital gain or loss?

A: Yes, gains or losses from cryptocurrency transactions are generally considered capital gains or losses. It's important to report these on your tax returns according to your country's tax regulations.

Q: Can you count losses on crypto?

A: Yes, you can count losses on crypto. When calculating gains and losses for tax purposes, you can offset losses against gains to determine the net capital gain or loss. Be sure to comply with tax regulations in your jurisdiction when reporting cryptocurrency transactions.

Disclaimer: This article was written by the writer to provide guidance and understanding of cryptocurrency trading. It is not an exhaustive article and should not be taken as financial advice. Obiex will not be held liable for your investment decisions.