How to Buy & How to Swap Cryptocurrency on Obiex Finance

Buying crypto on Obiex Finance is fast and straightforward. All you need to is follow these steps:

How to Buy & How to Swap Cryptocurrency on Obiex Finance

Cryptocurrency offers a gateway to financial freedom without the need for traditional intermediaries like banks and other financial institutions. To start your journey into trading crypto, you need to have a crypto wallet or an account on a crypto exchange platform.

If you’re new to the crypto trading space or you’re curious about how to buy and swap crypto, this guide is for you.

How to Buy Crypto

Before buying any cryptocurrency, ensure you have done the following:

Do Your Research

Like any other investment prospect, it is essential to know precisely what and where your money is going. Thankfully, cryptocurrency has been around for a little over a decade; thus, a considerable wealth of information is available for potential investors like you to take advantage of.

Understand Crypto Volatility

Cryptocurrency is volatile. This is not only a fact but a significant factor to consider before putting your funds into a coin or token. The price of crypto assets can rise or fall fast based on something as trivial as a rumor or even a tweet.

Although the volatility of cryptocurrency investing can seem daunting, it is not impossible to maneuver.  At first, you may get frustrated as a beginner, but as you continue trading, you will eventually gain a solid grasp of the market’s fundamentals and how it works.

Research the Coin or Token you want to Buy

There are currently over 5000 different cryptocurrencies available for trading, and more tokens & coins are being created every other day. The hard truth is that most of these currencies may never amount to much or even pay off. So before buying any cryptocurrency, find out who/what is backing the coin and what utility it serves to avoid purchasing a scam coin or a “useless” token.

To know more about investing in cryptocurrency, read this short guide.

How to Buy Crypto on Obiex

Buying crypto on Obiex  is fast and straightforward.

All you need to is follow these steps:

  • Sign up/Sign in to Obiex via the app or the website.
  • Go to your NGNX, USDT, or USDC wallet address.
  • Click the deposit button, confirm the network and scan your wallet address QR code or copy your wallet address to send crypto to the wallet.
  • Confirm the deposit to receive the crypto in your wallet balance.
  • You can now buy crypto from this wallet using the swap feature.

How to Swap Crypto

Swapping crypto involves swapping one cryptocurrency for another. On Obiex Finance, you can swap from ETH to BTC, USDT to ETH, NGNX to USDT, USDC to ADA, etc.

How to Swap Crypto with Obiex Finance

  • Sign in to Obiex with your registered email and password.
  • Click on the swap button and select the coin you want to exchange.
  • Select and confirm the coin amount you want to exchange.
  • Receive swapped coin in wallet balance.

Why you should swap and buy crypto with Obiex

Obiex is Easy

We make it super easy to trade your crypto assets, from quickly creating wallets to swapping and storing your coins.

Obiex is Fast

Swapping crypto coins and tokens don’t get any faster than this. After the transaction is successful, you will receive payment in your Obiex balance without any confirmation required.

Obiex is Secure

Your transactions and assets stored are completely safe and guarded by our state-of-the-art cryptography security infrastructures to tackle and eliminate any possible fraud risks.