Customer Service Week 2023: Meet Ojone from Obiex

Customer Service Week 2023: Meet Ojone from Obiex
Customer Service Week is a special week dedicated to expressing our heartfelt gratitude to valued customers like you and the exceptional customer service team that goes above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations.

In this article, we speak to Ojone, Customer Success Rep at Obiex, about what it's like to work in Customer Service and her experiences so far.

Let’s get to know you! Please introduce yourself, your name, your role and one thing you like.

Ojone: My name is Ojone, I am a Customer Success Rep at Obiex. I like to have fun and relax.

What's the part about working in customer support that you enjoy the most?

Ojone: When customer issues are resolved, and they are satisfied.

What's the part about working in customer support that you dislike the most?

Ojone: The helpless feeling that comes when a customer is annoyed or angry about an issue that you can’t really fix (immediately), and they have to wait for a long time for the issue to be resolved.

Especially when you've done all you can do from your end, right?

Ojone: Yeah.

Has being on the customer support team changed you as a person?

Ojone: For sure, it has made me more patient. I also have more empathy now cause I’m always putting myself in someone’s shoes. I talk less now too.

Do you have any cool or funny stories from your time in the customer support trenches that you'd like to share? Or an interaction with a customer you can't forget?

Ojone: I called an inactive customer last week, and after I had explained my reason for calling, he started calling me a scam in Yoruba. It was funny because I didn’t even ask him for any information on his account

Ah. So what did you do next?

Ojone: I told him that we just want to know why he’s been inactive and that a real support rep will not ask him for any personal information on his account. He calmed down.

Juggling the emotional rollercoaster of customer support and your own sanity can be tough. How do you manage that?

Ojone: It’s very difficult, honestly, so I just try to occupy my mind with happy thoughts and things that make me feel light. And then, the few hours when I’m not working, I really unplug from everything work and do something relaxing.

It’s truly necessary to unplug. What keeps you going and giving your best, even when the going gets tough in customer support?

Ojone: I think what works for me is I always try to tell myself it’s not the customer’s fault. I’ve understood that I am the face of the brand (Obiex), so I just try to imagine how I want another brand’s customer support to treat me. It helps not to take anything personally.

Also, I am kind of a perfectionist with things I’m responsible for, so I don’t let myself get too overwhelmed to where it’s affecting my interactions

That’s a solid perspective. Have you ever received any sweet feedback from a customer that totally made your day? And would you mind sharing it?

Ojone: Yes, those are the highlights of my work!  The one I really liked was when the customer said I was very relatable, and he felt like he was talking to his sister.

That’s really sweet. On the other side of things,  Dealing with tough or angry customers can be challenging. Do you have any secret tactics for handling them?

Ojone: Being patient, showing empathy and also assuring them it’s a top priority. It shows you actually care and understand what they’re going through. Then at the backend, I go the extra mile to ensure the issue is fixed.

What is one misconception about customer support that you would like to correct?

Ojone: That we can fix everything. For context, I don’t even know if it qualifies as a misconception, but most people feel like we should handle and resolve everything on the spot. So even when you say you’ve escalated the issue or given them a timeframe, they’ll say, “Can’t you just do it there on your system”.

So, essentially people should extend more understanding towards Customer Support?

Ojone: Yes, please, thank you.

Last question, What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in customer support?

Ojone: The best advice I can give is don’t take anything personally and have other things outside work that make you happy.

Alright, thank you for your time, Ojone and Happy Customer Service Week!

Ojone: Thank you.